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Swank Public Relations (Swank PR) is a customized PR agency and boutique that tailors to clients needs and provides; public relations services, creative branding and marketing, ingénues, resources & Partnership building, client relations and social media awareness. This business has been established since 2006 with a partnership with Chicago and Midwest area clients. Our niche is tailored to each clients needs with individually specialized services, as well as catering to their demographic while maintaining the clients identity. Swank Public Relations (Swank PR) is guaranteed to produce high standardized results and contribute to the client’s growth. We offer nothing but the best for our client’s identity, and specialize in unique tools that takes them to new heights. With the great effort of highly productive interns and staff, Swank Publishing has kept good rapport to continue to venture more into the marketing field. Swank PR guarantees to produce quality services its best. The Company uses the latest social platforms and business resources to promote it’s clientele and always tech-savvy when new apps are available for production.